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Portable large size systems

MEGASCREEN TOUR is a mobile bottom roller projection screen system utilizing our carbon fiber tubes. It offers quick assembly and disassembly time along for all standard formats and special sizes and fast roller speeds up to 0,4 m/s.
MEGASCREEN TOUR is a unique piece of stage machinery perfect for touring applications, special events, concert tours as well as permanent installations.
MEGASCREEN TOUR and MEGASCREEN are very similar with regards to technical specifications. The main two differences are maximum width of the system and the diameter of the carbon fiber tubes.

System sizes from 2000 cm are available on request.

  • Perfectly aligned mechanics allow for uniform, even tension on screen surface when rolling up and down.
  • Motor is mounted in the center of the truss frame. Standard motor is supplied with hand crank wheel and double brake.
  • Certified emergency stop switch.
  • Standard variable speed G-FRAME 54 control unit; adjustable speed from approx. 0.1 - 0.4 m/s (4"- 16"/sec).
  • Tube sections are easily assembled and disassembled as is the aluminium truss support frame. Truss frame must be supported in at least 4 locations.

Technical Details:
  • Tube sections are available in various standard lengths: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 m / 3'3", 6'7", 9'1", 13'1", 16'5" and 19'8".
  • 3 x 230 / 400 VAC motor with double brake. Other voltages are available.
  • Variable speed control adjustable from approx. 0.1 - 0.4 m/s (4" - 16"/sec).
  • Motor can be mounted quickly and easily in 3 different positions, each within a 90° rotation.
  • MEGASCREEN TOUR uses the same carbon tube as the System TUBE. The tube is secured with 4 steel bands, 2 load and drive bands and 2 security bands.
  • Screen sizes up to 2000 x 1500 cm / 65'7" x 49'3". Custom screen sizes available upon request.
  • The carbon tube rolls up and down with the screen surface. When unrolled, the screen is fully open and the carbon tube is at the bottom.
  • A bottom roller mechanism works well to keep the screen surface flat even when using non fiber-reinforced screens.

Standard delivery:
  • Carbon tube sections Ø 247 mm including tube section connection assembly and claw brackets. Standard tube lengths listed in chart.
    Custom tube sizes are available upon request.
  • Truss frame including motor and drive shaft.
  • Motor unit with gear box and limit switches.
  • Power and control cable. Standard length: 25 m. An extension cable up to 50 m is available as an option.
  • Standard suspension points: Minimum number of 4 suspension points required.
    Additional suspension points required depending on overall system width and weight. Standard mounting via 3 half-coupler clamps.
    Half-coupler clamp load capacity: 750 kg, maximum Ø: 50 mm.
  • Mechanical steel band spool assembly for perfect alignment when rolling up and down.
  • Additional steel band security spool assembly.
  • G-FRAME 54 control system.
    Standard operation: UP-DOWN positions and speed adjustment.
  • Installation and operation manual.

Motor technical data:
  • Power: 2,2 kW
  • Speed: max. 0,4 m/s
  • Weight: 58,0 kg