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Medium and large size systems

TUBE is a portable top-roller system for screens or textiles in sizes up to 1200 x 900 cm / 39'4" x 29'6" (w x h). The extraordinary properties of carbon fiber ensure a lightweight, durable, and rigid system with a fast standard roller speed of up to approx. 0.9 m/s (35"/sec). Perfect for touring performances, special events, and trade fairs. Also works well for permanent installations in theaters and exhibition venues.

System sizes from 1200 cm are available on request.

  • The screen surface is attached to the carbon fiber tube with tape.
  • Tubes are made of reinforced carbon fiber and are available in various standard lengths: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 m / (3'3", 6'7", 9'10", 13'1", 16'5", and 19'8").
  • Standard mounting consists of a flanged mounting bracket with a heavy-duty bearing at each end. Standard connection to pipe or truss via 50 mm / 2" half-couplers with a load rating of 750 kg / 1,650 lbs. Custom mounting brackets and accessories are available on request. TUBE can be mounted within a truss frame, directly to a truss/pipe or directly to ceilings.
  • Motor unit with gearbox, drive shaft and mounting bracket is mounted to either end of the tube.
  • TUBE can be mounted in a truss style frame with open bottom to ensure portable, secure applications.
  • Power and control connections via secure Harting connectors.
  • Incremental encoder to program 2 end and 3 intermediate stop positions. Plastic gear wheels ensure reliable and precise operation.
  • Certified emergency stop.

Technical Information
  • 3 x 230 /400 VAC double brake motor. Other voltages available.
  • Variable speed control adjustable from approx. 0.1 - 0.9 m/s (4" - 35"/sec).
  • Motor can be mounted quickly and easily in 3 different positions, each within a 90° rotation.
  • Motor position can be changed quickly and easily without disassembly of the screen system.
  • Hand crank for manual override in case of emergencies and adjustments.
  • Screen sizes from 400 x 400 cm / 13'1" x 13'1" up to 1200 x 900 cm / 39'4" x 29'6" (w x h). Custom screen sizes are available on request.
  • For permanent installations, a reinforced screen material is recommended such as ATREX® white. Projection screens without reinforcement are only recommended for temporary applications.
  • Long term use will result in a wrinkled screen surface. For laser projections, a textile surface such as Sharkstooth scrim or laser scrim is recommended.
  • Threaded aluminum bottom pipe, size: Ø 50 x 3 mm / 2" x 1/8", weight: 1.3 kg/m / 1 lb/ft.

Standard delivery:
  • Carbon tubes Ø 247 mm / 9.7" including axel shaft and adjustable mounting brackets at each end. Custom size tube lengths are available at an additional charge.
  • Motor end mounting assembly.
  • Non-motor end mounting assembly.
  • Demountable motor unit with limit switches and incremental encoder.
  • Control and power cable, 25 m / 82'0" length. An extension cable up to 50 m / 164'0" length is available as an option.
  • Half-coupler clamps on mounting bracket. Load rating: 750 kg / 1,653 lbs max. Ø: 50 mm / 2".
  • G-FRAME 54 control system. Standard operation:
    UP-DOWN positions plus 3 intermediate stop positions and speed adjustment.
  • Threaded aluminum bottom pipe, size: Ø 50 x 3 mm / 2" x 1/8", weight: 1.3 kg/m / 1 lb/ft.
  • Maximum weight includes bottom pipe.
  • Installation and operation manual.

Motor technical data:
  • Power: 1,5 kW
  • Speed: max. 0,9 m/s
  • Weight: 47 kg