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This totally new sound-absorbing textile was developed in cooperation with musicians, theater consultants, and an acoustic testing institute.

Absorber CS is highly versatile. It is ideal for any auditorium with variable acoustic requirements. Other applications for which it is well suited include conference rooms, sound studios, and other spaces requiring sound reduction.

Its exceptionally high density and weight of approx. 560 g/m² earned ABSORBER CS a class C acoustic absorption rating, which distinguishes this fabric as highly sound absorbent.

Acoustic absorption values per certificate
according to DIN EN ISO 354: aw = 0.65-0.90.
Acoustic absorption class: A-C.

Flow resistance according to DIN EN 29053:
Rs = approx. 1,300 Pa s/m
  • Acoustic certificate available.
  • Inherently flame retardant.
  • Piece length approx. 40 and 50 rm / 43.7 and 54.6 yds.
  • Minimum quantitay for custom dyed colours approx. 200 rm / 218.7 yds.
Custom curtains and draperies manufacured in our workshops.