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The Wave I 3D sound processor is Sonic Emotion’s turn key solution for 3D sound for Live Interactive professional applications. The Wave1 can
be used in a large range of applications, from live sound reinforcement, to concert halls, conferences, clubs and "experience" (museum,
multimedia interactive spaces, corporate/brand events).

3D sound rendering is realized by means of Wave Field Synthesis (WFS).
WFS is the only 3D technology that can provide accurate 3D sound control
regardless of the position of the listener in the environment thus
alleviating the sweet spot problem (limited optimum listening area) of
alternative 3D sound technologies. Sonic Emotion’s WFS technology is a
very cost effective proposal enabling full 3D control with a limited
number of loudspeakers.

The Wave I packs in a 4 rack units box all functionalities for
loudspeaker management (Eq, cross-over, loudspeaker protection, etc.),
advanced routing/matricing and system management, a full master Eq for
end users independent from system tuning and full 3D sound control.  The
Wave I can process to up to 32 inputs/sound sources that can be
positioned in real time and delivers signals for up to 64
outputs/loudspeakers with a minimum latency (5.6 ms).

Sonic Emotion offers a full software suite for configuration, tuning and
real time operation of the system during the performance (Wave Designer
and Wave Performer). All steps have been fully optimized to minimize
setup time, including offline support, and provide efficient means of
controlling the system.

A full range of controls of the Wave1 are offered through the coolux Widget
Designer and coolux Pandoras Box along with synchronous audio and video playback."

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